The Mitzpe Ramon Hesder Yeshiva 
"Midbara K'Eden"

The Midbara K’Eden Hesder Yeshiva, established in 2000,
cultivates Torah scholars with high moral and spiritual standards who are committed to the Jewish people and land of Israel. We believe this leadership is critical to the spiritual and material resilience, indeed the survival, of the country.

The yeshiva is headed by Rabbi Zvi Kostiner and has over 300 students from all over Israel.

All Midbara K’Eden students serve in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and we train graduates to be social and educational activists.

Among our graduates are community rabbis, educators, IDF officers, economists and farmers. Groups of graduates have formed garinim (core groups) that have settled in Arad, moshav Gitit (in the Jordan valley), Givat Shmuel, and elsewhere, strengthening Israeli society. The yeshiva chose to open in Mitzpe Ramon to strengthen the Negev.

The Misbara K’Eden Hesder Yeshiva is the heart of the Negev Rising initiative, it is the foundation upon which all the social welfare projects, the connection with the Jewish people, and our activities for soldiers in the region, is based.

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