Midreshet Ye'ela
Women’s Beit Midrash in the Desert

Since the establishment of Israel, women of all backgrounds are seeking to delve into Torah and Jewish studies as the foundation and inspiration for their lives, and women’s studies are flourishing.

Each year since 2012 twenty female students ages 19-21 attend the one-year Midreshet Ye'ela program in Mitzpe Ramon, with another group enrolling in the summer Elul Program. Both curricula include classes by rabbis and educators, and workshops in guided imagery, movement, art, study hikes, and more.

Local women volunteer to study individually with the young women and host them, while the students tutor children and sometimes help in the home (e.g., in the case of a bed-rest pregnancy). Evaluation questionnaires unequivocally indicate that students feel the program provides an unprecedented and profound emotional, spiritual and intellectual experience.



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