The Dror Center

Deepening Jewish Identity in the Negev

There is a great thirst for authentic Jewish identity and values within Israeli society. In response to this need, Negev Rising established the Dror Center for Deepening Jewish Identity in 2012 to bring Judaism to the local education system and the thousands of IDF soldiers who serve in the region.

Within this framework rabbis conduct weekly classes on eight military bases in the region, and yeshiva students have been conducting special Shabbat programs on the large Ramon military base for the past decade.

In addition, young women volunteers (sherut leumi) conduct Jewish content activities daily in six secular schools in Mitzpe Ramon. The Dror Center plans to expand its activities, which include prayer and good deeds, holidays, Bar/Bat Mitzvah program, education to Zionism, and encouragement to serve in the IDF, promoting the values of volunteerism and social activism, to locations outside of Mitzpe Ramon, such as neighboring kibbutzim.
Feedback from schools, parents and students is resoundingly positive, and it is satisfying to see the request for this program increasing each year. 

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