The Ramon Vineyard –

A Zionist Economic Enterprise in Mitzpe Ramon
The Negev – Israel’s vast, primeval, southern desert – covers 60% of the nation’s
territory. It has great inherent social and economic potential that is not adequately
realized, and is home to a mixed populace of immigrants and veterans, religious and
secular, military personnel, businessmen and academics.

While development of the Negev is officially a national mission, governmentinvestments are not sufficient and the Negev remains largely undeveloped and its population poor. In 2010 members of Negev Rising decided to take decisive action and develop the Negev. They purchased 86 ½ acres and planted the largest vineyard in the Negev that employs dozens.
Delineated as a social business, 50% of the profits are invested into education and welfare projects in Mitzpe Ramon. In the heart of the grape vines is a visitor’s oasis visited frequently by thousands of soldiers serving in the area, as well as many tourists 
and local residents.

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