“He made the desert like Eden” (Midbara K’Eden) (Isaiah 51:3)

Israel’s southern Negev desert holds many challenges.
The distance from the country’s center and the isolation affect all aspects of town life.
And yet the quiet and primal scenery serve as a fertile backdrop to the creative, spiritual powers of the Jewish people.
Mitzpe Ramon, located in the center of the Negev, is a true
Garden of Eden. It is a place where the Torah flourishes, education nurtures the soul, and Zionism is deeply rooted. Paradoxically, it is the vast distances that lured special families bursting with the Zionist dream; families with a vision and the ability to fulfill it. Despite the challenges and because of their great strengths

“Joy and gladness shall be found here, thanksgiving and the voice of song.” (Isaiah 51:3)




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