Perach Zahav Matanel - Generations Connecting and Helping

It is such a pleasure seeing connections built on trust, the respect that the young generation has towards its elders, the wisdom and advice of a lifetime achievement passed on to the next generation.The Perach Zahav Matanel project has created a collective atmosphere of helping one another, where each one has the 
opportunity to bring out their own special abilities



Mitzpe Ramon is filled with many elderly residents who have lived in the town for many years, many chose to stay as they do not have the option to leave. In addition, the social services work full time, however, there are many things that social services cannot help the elderly due to lack of time and funds.  

The Project

The Perach Zahav Matanel Project was designed to create beneficial interactions between generations, elderly, youth and academic students, where they work together to improve life in Mitzpe Ramon for elderly residents.

The Project consists of 2 programs: 

1. The Academic Student Program - Academic students meet regularly with the elderly. The project works in cooperation with the welfare department of the local council. The elderly were selected through consultation and guidance with the social worker. The students are put through a preparatory introduction, which includes a meeting reviewing the welfare services and activities that the elderly population receives in Mitzpe Ramon. At the moment there are 14 academic students participating.

2. The Youth Scout Renovation Program - Provide practicle and convenient renovations for the elderly's homes. They go through a carpentry workshop to equip and consolidate them with work skills to help renovate the apartments. 
Due to the success, there has been great interest in the program, more volunteers are joining who want to take part!
Fascinating stories:

Academic Students Program
*One of the academic students realized that she had a problem, almost every standard activity was not suitable because the elderly woman has a severe visual impairment, she can hardly see. She was startled and first, wondering how she could make the most of her encounters. This was how an original ideas came up; she brought a large canvas with colors and together they created a large picture. This meant the world to the elderly lady and made her feel for a few moments as if she could see again.
*Another student went for her first visit to her elderly lady after arranging a suitable date. It turned out that the elderly lady's husband passed away two days after they were in contact and she was sitting shiva. Thus, a random encounter became a real consolation for the mourners. This new bond involved the following encounters to be focused on helping to cope with the difficulties that arise from the new reality of being an elderly widow. 

Youth Scout Renovation Program

*The teenagers renovated an apartment that was in such a difficult physical condition that the members of the house were embarrassed to invite people over. They fixed the walls, painted them and made a few convenient repairs.

*One of the academic students described a difficult physical condition in his senior citizen's apartment with which he volunteers. We were in touch with the welfare department, to take part in its renovation, we used the help of the youth scout renovation program.


In partnership with the Dalia and Eli Hurvitz Foundation
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